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Mission Statement:

Lewis Bass International Engineering Services (LBIES)’s  mission is to offer the safety expertise necessary to provide you with a strategic edge through fast and efficient service in all marketplaces.

History of Lewis Bass International Engineering Services

Lewis Bass, a Professional Safety Engineer, holding degrees in both mechanical and industrial engineering, as well as a law degree, started LBI in 1979 with the belief that companies would prefer to provide safe products to their customers. He and his team of engineers worked with companies all over the world, helping them perform due diligence on their products to ensure they didn’t have accidents, lawsuits or recalls.

Over the years Lew believed in keeping companies up-to-date on the latest engineering changes as well as the changing legal environment as manufacturing spread over a wider cultural landscape.  He taught at universities, companies and professional conferences, to offer everyone an opportunity to advance their safety expertise.

Lew brought Trish Bass into the company to oversee the day to day operations over 15 years ago.  They worked side by side to make the name Lewis Bass International synonymous with safety.  Lew passed away after a well fought battle with leukemia.  His love and belief in the work of LBI empowered Trish Bass to continue his legacy.

Today we look forward to continuing Lew’s vision and empowering others with the knowledge they need to perform their own due diligence on their products.

This website is dedicated to Lew Bass

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