Our Partners

Atlas Compliance & Engineering

Has been in the regulatory compliance business for more than 11 years and its staff  for over 20 years. They are located in San Jose California and are independently accredited by A2LA to perform regulatory EMI and EMC testing.

Kitchell Facilities Management (Formerly VFMC)

Is a team of professions who provide facility condition assessments, operation & maintenance, integrated facility management, staff augmentation, CMMS management and facility consulting. Pre-emptive maintenance decreases corrective work orders (and costs associated with them), improves efficiency and extends the life of equipment. Their approach considers predictive, planned and preventive maintenance within a collaborative and strategic method that is based on our clients’ needs and budget. LBIES and Kitchell have provided total solutions for start-ups, companies moving from and to different facilities by utilizing cost effective programs and expediency.

AEPC Group

–  Terry Stelter – President

AEPC Group provides engineering, architecture, construction management and consulting services unbundled or in a complete design-build package. Our broad experience base and strategic vision enable us to provide innovative solutions for a wide variety of facility types across many industries.

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Thomas P.  Redick, JD

Mr. Redick, a trusted partner of Lewis Bass International, has continued doing the work of Lewis Bass in the area of Product Liability prevention.  He will continue to service those clients in need of legal consulting to resolve Product Liability issues. His solo law practice is Global Environmental Ethics Counsel LLC. (www.geeclaw.com).

Mr. Redick represents clients in the high-technology and agricultural biotechnology industry sectors with issues relating to regulatory approval, liability avoidance and compliance with industry standards addressing socioeconomic and environmental impacts of multinational operations. His practice emphasizes transportation issues for high-technology, chemical and biotechnology applications. He currently coordinates compliance with complex regulatory frameworks covering toxic substances and innovative technologies, preparing global regulatory roadmaps and product liability prevention plans for technology clients. This includes transport documentation for commodities under the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety and recycled industrial equipment with traces of toxics under the Basel Convention on Hazardous Waste.

Before establishing a solo international product liability and environmental consulting practice in 2005, Mr. Redick was a partner with Gallop, Johnson & Neuman L.C. inSt. Louis,Missouri. He studied international environmental law at the University of Michigan (J.D. 1985, B.A. high honors 1982) and speaks and writes extensively on liability prevention for emerging technologies. He has held leadership positions on American Bar Association Section on Environment, Energy & Resources (ABA-SEER) Committees on Environmental Values & Ethics, Agricultural Management, International Environmental Law and Environmental Litigation and Toxic Torts.

Specialties: Liability prevention and regulatory compliance for emerging technologies

Mr. Redick is the manager of a Linked-in® group, open to all interested parties, on “Product Liability Prevention” and we encourage anyone to join for updates on news in product liability prevention.  Here is a link to the group. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8478318

Below is a link to Product Liability: Design and Manufacturing Defects, which was originally authored by Lewis Bass.


Product Liability: Design and Manufacturing Defects

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC), OSHA and other regulatory agencies give product approval and may require reporting to allow them to oversee its correct usage.  Your facility, the consumer’s home and anywhere else that the product is used is fair game for a lawsuit.

Michael Breit

Product Safety Engineer

Michael Breit has over 25 years of machinery, process, and electrical controls design and engineering experience and for the last ten years he has specialized in electrical safety for both machines and facilities.  As a field application engineer for Omron/STI, Mr. Breit has provided machine safety solutions for a wide cross section of industries including defense, aerospace, automotive, heavy industrial, and pharmaceutical.

Mr. Breit has a mechanical engineering degree and has spent the best part of his career in automation and control systems, providing him with an in-depth understanding of the operational characteristics of modern equipment.  His most recent accomplishments include the development and implementation of a site-wide NFPA 70E compliance program for a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and the design of a SIS (safety instrumented system) for a nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing facility.  As an employee of LBI, Mr. Breit also designed a NFPA 70E compliance safety program for all industrial machinery manufacturers.

Bob Wittkower, CSP, MBA  

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)/Environmental Specialist

Bob Wittkower, CSP, MBA, BS Chem., is a Certified Safety Professional with the Board of Certified Safety Professionals and is a resource partner from The Jukes Group, an engineering company.

For Semiconductor industry he  was an environmental Project Manager for remediation projects, which included level 1 and level 2 environmental assessments. He lead a team to obtain air permitting and related wastewater and HAZMAT permits for a $2 billion semiconductor site. He lead the ISO 14001 certification at two semiconductor sites.

He worked worked both as an ergonomist and managed the ergonomics function for 20+ years.

His experience includes Occupational Health and Safety for employees embedded in chemical plants, employees on pipeline projects, and 2,000+ contract trade employees during new-plant construction and plant sites with 1,000, 3,000 and 5,000 employees all of which received safety awards.

Recently, Bob has consulted to the oil industry.  He  is a Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) facilitator, has  has conducted 60+ HAZID sessions, been HSE lead for major oil projects including SPS HSE Lead for a $6 billion oil field and a new build drilling platform.

He developed a method for BSEE NTL MASP calculation. He has lead HAZOPs for refineries, gas compression plants, gas systems and chemical facilities including chemical delivery systems and tank truck offloading. He has supervised the successful installs with no incidents of over 1000 semiconductor tools. He performed the role of Industrial Hygienist in a major semiconductor facility for two years and managed Industrial Hygiene for 23 years in major semiconductor facilities and for cadmium labs, aircraft facilities and asbestos buildings. He has implemented and maintained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 systems, and was QA/QC for a commodity chemical plant.  He managed the product safety program for consumer commodity manufacturing site for eight years based on the UL Compass program and EME testing.

He was an Industrial Fire Chief for 15 years with teams cross trained in fire-fighting, rescue and HAZMAT.  .He has been a Project Manager for environmental soils remediation and groundwater cleanup projects all on time and under budget as well as obtained site air bubble permits and wastewater permits for a new build semiconductor major facility.

He held an SI/TK clearance and invented the CAC2 program for the Air Force and its special customers. Has served as industry representative in safety, environmental and hazardous materials in Texas, Florida, and California and at the federal level. He has consulted for Sandia National Laboratories, oil/gas drilling well sites, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, medical, processing labs and equipment manufacturers.He has implemented and maintained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 systems, and was QA/QC for a commodity chemical plant.

Edward J. Sawicki

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Ed Sawicki has overseen large corporation’s Corporate Environmental Health and Safety programs  as well as has created Emergency Response Programs for several companies. Ed  specializes in the safety, health and environmental concerns within the Electronics Industry.

He has worked for the United Nations twice and worked with the governments of Korea, Singapore, Philippines and Taiwan on semiconductor safety and fire issues. He has been involved in writing several Hazardous Materials laws both within the State of California and overseas.

Daniel Elliott, P.E.

Principal Engineer, Ben Tyler Enterprises

Mr. Elliott has more than 30 years experience in chemical engineering, regulatory interpretation, and process development for applications involving hazardous materials. He has expertise in chemical process engineering, facilities and equipment design and engineering, environmental and safety regulatory programs, pollution prevention, and quality improvement. His clients have included high technology clients in the semiconductor, microelectronics, plating, printed circuit board, medical device, biotech, pharmaceutical, and computer peripherals industries. He also has experience in other industries including mining, nuclear, photo-processing, food processing, Superfund projects, and petrochemical projects and has provided litigation support in chemistry, chemical engineering, and code analysis.

Chris Corpuz

Certified Industrial Hygienist

Chris Corpuz is a Senior Manager with Geosyntec Consulting and has over 25 years of professional experience in the fields of industrial hygiene and safety.  His professional career has included positions with the California Occupational Safety and Health Agency (Cal/OSHA), heavy manufacturing, engineering research and development, semiconductor equipment manufacturing and environmental health and safety consulting.  Chris has undergraduate degrees in industrial hygiene and biology, and a graduate degree in system safety, the technical discipline responsible for the development and application of system and system safety hazard analyses.  He is also certified in Comprehensive Practice by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene.

Mr. Corpuz has over 20 years of experience conducting hazard, vulnerability and survivability analyses in the evaluation, design, and operation of a wide variety of manufacturing facilities, military hardware systems, subsystem and system components, and chemical processes.  His consulting experience also includes the development and implementation of industrial hygiene and safety programs and services for a wide variety of facilities and projects, at the local, regional, national, and global levels.

Mr. Corpuz holds a B.S. in Biology and Industrial Hygiene from California State University, Hayward, and an M.S. in Safety from the University of Southern California, Institute of Systems and Systems Management.

James D. Hallam

Professional Civil and Structural Engineer

Mr. Hallam is a California state licensed Civil (#40741) and Structural (#3385) Professional Engineer with experience in seismic structural analysis and machine tie-down, per the requirements of ASCE 7-05.  Mr. Hallam is able to provide design, analysis, and specification for those jurisdictions that require a stamp on the reports.