Product Liability Prevention


Attorney / Client privileged product review

LBIES is proud to carry on Lew Bass’ legacy of providing product liability prevention under the coverage of attorney client privilege.  Tom Redick, a licensed California Product Liability attorney, and the co-author of Lew’s original book
Managing for Products Liability Avoidance, works closely with us to provide legal services to anyone who wants to ensure their facility, products and employees are safe as well as having done their own due diligence.  It has helped companies accomplish their safety goals and reduce their product liability insurance.

Mr. Redick, along with our team of electrical and mechanical engineers, as well as our EHS and facility experts, are able to review dangerous gases, chemicals, environments, class 4 lasers and many other exposed potential dangerous conditions and worked out a safety program that ensures they have done due diligence for the safest environment possible.  Because the findings are done under attorney client privilege, none of the findings are exposable. We have helped large and smaller sized companies reduce accidents and cost related expenses  and provide danger free working environments.

Mr. Redick provides legal review showing due diligence in the design of the product and also works closely with a Trusted Patent Law Firm located  in northern California in order to provide companies creating new products to obtain patent reviews and patents.

Some examples of Corporate legal consultation we have provided for clients:

Some examples of safety audits conducted over the years of facilities under attorney client privilege and what was disclosed: