Safety Consulting

Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, Ergonomic, and Environmental

Regulators, inspectors, and insurers require verification from qualified independent bodies that products and equipment comply with applicable regulations, industry standards, and both federal and local codes.  LBI’s product evaluation service ensures that products and equipment, manufactured by our customers, meet and exceed all product safeguarding standards. With more than thirty years’ experience in safety certifying products, our product safety evaluations involve a comprehensive review of important safety issues such as; electrical shock, mechanical, stored energy, fire hazards, and even performance, if it is inherent to the safe operation of the product. Once the evaluation is complete, LBI will provide a written report detailing each machine’s risk factors and make recommendations for practical solutions regarding machine safety, ergonomics, proper safety label requirements, wiring practices, and etc.


When LBI is part of the design team from the beginning…safety is built into the product.

Let our trained professionals come to your site and apply their proven comprehensive safety expertise to evaluate your products and recommend a proactive solution, to reduce risk and minimize liability, reduce costs and improve time to market.  We work with you closely to ensure you understand the regulation requirements as they apply to your design as well as a conceptual understanding to sell your design.  Our consulting helps you to also  initiate new designs more efficiently as a result of your understanding the regulations.

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