SEMI S2/S8 Evaulations

SEMI S2 Assessment is vital to the success of your product

SEMI S2 Guidelines were created by the leaders of the SEMI industry to ensure every piece of equipment is compliant to regulatory requirements and is checked against a high standard of safety. The topics range from fire protection, electrical hazard protection, mechanical hazard mitigation, chemical, radiation, noise and ergonomics hazards,  ventilation requirements, emergency shutdown procedures, exhaust specifications, hazard warning alerts and labels, documentation requirements and more.

Lewis Bass International has a team of highly qualified engineers and industrial hygienist partners to provide comprehensive, single-source SEMI S2 and S8 assessment to the latest version of the guidelines.

S2 evaluation is normally a requirement of the buyer as a safeguard and can be a condition of sale.

SEMI S2 Assessments

Lewis Bass team members are highly experienced in electrical/mechanical safety, chemical exposure assessments, ventilation, noise, ionizing radiation, non-ionizing radiation, lasers, environmental impact assessments, and other areas of expertise required by the SEMI S2 Guidelines as shown below:

  1. Documents Provided to User
  2. Hazard Warning Labels
  3. Safety Interlock Systems
  4. Emergency Shutdown
  5. Electrical Design
  6. Fire Protection
  7. Heated Chemical Baths
  8. Ergonomics and Human Factors
  9. Hazardous Energy Isolation
  10. Mechanical Design
  11. Seismic Protection
  12. Automated Material Handlers
  13. Environmental Considerations
  14. Exhaust Ventilation
  15. Chemicals
  16. Ionizing Radiation
  17. Non-Ionizing Radiation and Fields
  18. Lasers
  19. Sound Pressure Level
  20. Related Documents

Note:  Although Tracer Gas and voltage sag sensitivity are not categorized, they are part of S2 and required for applicable equipment

SEMI S8: Ergonomics Evaluation

SEMI S8 Ergonomics Guidelines are designed to enhance worker safety and productivity and minimizes repetitive motion-related injuries, as well as ensures safe maintenance practices. SEMI S8 is required as part of SEMI S2 assessment. Our engineers are trained to identify, assess and provide solutions to worker-related ergonomics problems.